Career Profile

Currently working as the Lead Solutions Architect at oOh! Media. After graduating at De La Salle University Dasmarinas (Cavite, Philippines) in 1997, I ventured into Teaching to share my knowledge with the new breed of Computer Scientists. The call of the IT Industry though snatched me away from Teaching in 2000. I climbed the ranks from there on. Started with VB6 and jumped to Java for 15 years before being language-agnostic (Python, Node.JS, Terraform, Cloudformation, YAML) shifting to cloud-based technologies.


Lead Solutions Architect | Senior DevOps Engineer

Feb 2020 - Current
oOh!media [Sydney, Australia]
oOh!media is changing the face of the Out of Home industry in Australia. Its combination of reach across 35,000 locations Australia-wide, its diverse product range, and its market-leading data insight, makes brands powerfully unmissable.
  • Leading a team of 3 (a DevOps, an SRE and a Systems Engineer)
  • Led a group of Team Leads/Engineering Managers during the absense of the Head of Engineering, as an interim Head of Engineering
  • Started as a Senior DevOps Engineer and transitioned/promoted to Solutions Architect to Lead Solutions Architect
  • Study and document the Existing Cloud infrastructure of oOh!media
  • Support Development and Application Teams on Product and Application Infrastructure using Terraform as IaC and Packer as an AMI Tool
  • Create/Upgrade Container and Kubernetes Pods that is primarily used by our CICD Pipeline (GitActions) and Metrics Dashboard (Dynatrace)
  • Create/Upgrade GitActions Pipelines that perform Continuous Integration and Deployment of all underlying AWS Infrastructure
  • Design and Architected in-house projects that used integrations with different 3rd party vendors
  • Implement Security Best Practices within the oOh!Media Code Base in Github
  • Implement Dynatrace monitoring all throughout AWS Stack

Lead Cloud Architect

May 2019 - Feb 2020
Oovvuu [Sydney, Australia]
Oovvuu’s mission is to put a video in every article; to tell trusted news to a billion people and repatriate billions from Facebook and Google back to the publishers and broadcasters who diligently and fearlessly report the world around us.
  • Study and document the Existing Cloud infrastructure of Oovvuu and document and propose a final infrastructure for a Migration into new AWS Accounts
  • Automate the process of bootstrapping Oovvuu AWS Resources using Cloudformation
  • Automate Build and Deployment of Oovvuu Applications through Serverless Framework, AWS CICD Build and Deploy Pipeline
  • Support current production workload by fixing bugs in Python-Based Lambda Functions or create new Lambda Functions that are triggered by Portal Applications.

Cloud Architect | Senior Cloud Engineer

Jun 2018 - May 2019
Gruden | The Citadel Group [Sydney, Australia]
Part of Citadel Group of Companies, Gruden focuses on helping clients implement measurable, digital investment to enhance client’s customer experience and growth using different cloud technologies.
  • Applied as a Senior Cloud Engineer and transitioned to the Lead Cloud Engineer/Cloud Arcitect, managing 2 Cloud Engineers
  • Study and document the Cloud infrastructure of different Government clients throughout NSW, ACT and VIC
  • Lead a group of Cloud Engineer that monitors and enhances each Cloud Infrastructure of our clients, this includes but not limited to Daily Monitoring, development and modification of server bootstrap scripts
  • Provide Application and Cloud Architecture Solutions to managed/developed applications of clients in Coldfusion, Java and
  • Lead the Development of a Serverless Project, using Serverless Framework, Lambda, Python, C# .Net, SQS and CloudSearch, that collates Company information using its ABN (Australian Business Number)
  • Lead the Development of a Serverless Project, using Serverless Framework, Lambda, Python, C# .Net and CloudSearch, provides an API that conforms to OCDS 1.1 API Standards (Open Contracting Data Standard)
  • Lead the migration of old versions of Atlassian Servers (Jira and Confluence) to newer versions through automation using AWS Cloudformation and AWS Client scripting.

Solutions Architect | Senior Software Developer

May 2015 - Jun 2018
LockerNetwork | BookingBoss | Embed | Helix Leisure [Sydney, Australia | Perth, Australia | Singapore]
Helix Leisure offers out-of-home entertainment with technology-driven products and services that result in a fantastic on-site consumer experience. Umbrella companies in Dallas (LockerNetwork), Perth (Embed Card) and Sydney (BookingBoss) provide software solutions to clients’ businesses, enhancing their customer experience to the fullest.
  • Started as a Senior Software Developer and was promoted as a Solutions Architect
  • Re-engineered a prototype Locker Network System that is completely Java based (JPA and Spring for configuration, Java IO for accessing PCBs and Input Devices such as Credit Card Readers, Java Threads for multi-processing and Java FX as the Front End UI) and running on a small linux footprint (Lubuntu)
  • Created an Open Source Project for JavaFX Page Transitioning creating a personal Annotation for use in the Transition and JPA for Page Configuration (
  • Created an Open Source Project to customized and create an automated Ubuntu Server Installation (see opensource projects)
  • Leverage the Open Source Projects created to finalize Locker Network Product, created an Installer file using 3rd Party Tool called IZPACK and automate the Ubuntu Server Installation and Locker Network Installation using Chef as the Configuration Management System
  • Traveled to the Helix Leisure Factory in Jakarta, Indonesia to facilitate the QA Testing of the Locker Network Overall System and the new Operating System and Locker Network Software
  • Traveled to customer sites in TN USA to present the deployment of the new Locker Network using the new USB Helix Ubuntu Server
  • Documented and Trained the Locker Network Operations Team in Dallas Texas, USA
  • Enhanced existing EJB 3.0 Modules used in the Report System Developed using Liferay API and Liferay Application Server.
  • Provided a Local Hadoop Server and Cluster Servers using Chef as the Configuration Management. Trained for Hadoop and Spark programming to understand the concept of Helix Data Warehousing Project
  • Part of the team that spearheaded a POC Project (Account Management System) leveraging on Wildfly 10 as the Application Server, JPA as the backend layer and JSF as the Front End.
  • Initiate the use of 3rd Party Open Source Softwares such as Gluu and Keycloak for IAM Integration and Single-Sign-On processes
  • Bring Up Keycloak IAM Server in the AWS Cloud leveraging Cloudformation Templates and Chef as Configuration Management
  • Develop Java API Extensions as Restful Services from extending Keycloak API
  • Develop Basic Angular 2.0 Applications that leverages the API Extensions created for keycloak to create a customized UI for Operations to use in creating customer profiles
  • Create a new EJB Application that retrieves Embed Card information leveraging Hibernate/JPA technologies connecting to AWS RDS and AWS Redshift
  • Bring up a Wildfly Server in the AWS Cloud leveraging Cloudformation Templates and Chef as Configuration Management. The POC Report is deployed in this stack leveraging websocket technology and AWS Application Load Balancers
  • Study existing Cloud Infrastructure of Booking Boss and Migrate them into Helix Leisure’s own Cloud Ecosystem.
  • Created an Open Source Chef Cookbook for Window Base Configuration of GNU GPG (see opensource projects)
  • Created an Open Source Chef Cookbook that wraps Knife Functionality to update Chef Server Attributes (see opensource projects)
  • Prepare Cloudformation Templates that will initiate a Continuous Integration Environment and Production Deployment Arena for Booking Boss
  • Prepare Booking Boss Chef Cookbooks and Recipes that serves as the kicker of the Continuous Integration Process leveraging the use of the Open Source cookbooks created
  • Enhance Java Build process by upgrading gradle build and converted Jetty to Gretty automated unit testing server
  • Provide assistance in bringing up .Net Embed Applications in AWS cloud using Cloudformation Templates and Chef
  • Provide a POC of the next generation .Net Embed Application in AWS cloud leveraging the use Cloudformation Template as the provisioning tool, Chef and Octopus as Configuration Management and Zabbix as a monitoring agent
  • Provide CI/CD implementations using Jenkins Server with Blue Ocean plugin and Groovy scripting. Leverage Chef and AWS S3 for Continuous Delivery.

Software Development Team Leader | Technical Lead

May 2012 - Apr 2015
Cassis International | Morpho Cards Pte. Ltd. [Infinite Studios, Singapore]
Morpho is the pioneer in Card Security. Bought Cassis International who is the pioneer in TSM Provisioning before Apple Pay and Samsung Pay were ever released.
  • People Manager managing sprint tasks and resources from a group of 2 - 4 permanent hires and 2-10 consultants locally and abroad
  • Re-engineered and documented the existing Request Manager SOAP Service enhancing the Authentication and Security of the Web Services provided by the company via implementation of the WS_SECURITY. It uses apache 3rd party software CXF and recreates the SOAP Services extending the Global Platform and AFSCM Message Protocols for NFC Provisioning.
  • Re-Designed the Application Configuration using Spring Resource and myBatis as the persistence framework connecting to Oracle DB
  • Spearhead the upgrade of JBoss EAP 4.3 to JBoss EAP 5.0 to JBoss EAP 6.0 and moved Java Development from Java SDK 1.4 to Java SDK 1.6
  • Provide L1 Support for Production Issues that L2/L3 Group cannot resolve

Solutions Architect | Technical Lead | Senior Developer

Sep 2006 - Apr 2012
Inttra [Raffles, Singapore]
INTTRA is the world’s largest, multi-carrier network for the ocean shipping industry.
  • Primary Developer and Owner of INTTRA’s Report System which enables customers to view their bookings and shippings through a downloadable CSV/Excel Format. The Report Generation is developed using C#.Net and the Report Portal is developed using JSP and XHTML as the frontend while Java Persistence Layer is the backend running in Tomcat Server.
  • Provide support and enhancements on the ETL system running as a Quartz Scheduled Service and leveraging Oracle’s Stored Procedure and Function Capability as well as Materialized Views.
  • Lead Designer and Developer of INTTRA’s Billing System using Java Persistence in the backend connecting to Oracle DB and JSP and Struts in the Front End.
  • Team Lead for a group of 5- 6 Developers developing Backend and Web Applications
  • Created a POC Web Application using the initial version of the GWT (Google Web Toolkit)
  • Leverage the use of JSP, Struts, and AJAX to develop a Shipping Logistics and Container Tracking Web Application that is connected to the Oracle Database
  • Engineered the enhancement of the Container Tracking ETL System leveraging Oracle Stored Procedure and Functions that boosted processing of Container Events from 5,000 records per hour to 20,000-40,000 events per hour
  • Enhance processing of ANSI and EDIFACT standard Booking, Shipping and Container Data FTP Processing

Software Developer Consultant

Sep 2005 - Aug 2006
Crimsonlogic [Science Park Road, Singapore]
Crimsonlogic provides world-class digital services for government agencies globally.
  • Acted as the one of the Trade and Logistics Web Developer by analyzing the requirements by Singapore Customs in creating or update solutions
  • Provide Technical/Functional Documents to capture the design that has been proposed and created
  • Acted as the Lead Batch API developer to enhance the batch systems of Crimsonlogic
  • Liaise with QA on test requirements
  • Enforce best practices and code quality to reduce technical debt

Java Technical Lead | Senior Systems Engineer

Jun 2003 - Aug 2005
Accenture [Makati, Philippines]
Accenture is one of the leading management consulting, technology services and outsourcing companies helping clients to become high-performance businesses and government services. The outsourcing project is under RETEK.
  • Tasked to lead a group of Java Developers for maintenance update and new screen requirements of the Customer Order System
  • Provide Technical Specifications Documents as a deliverable for ISO certification
  • Provide monitoring or mentorship to Junior Developers to ensure best practices and code quality
  • Liaise with Product Manager and Development Manager based on Williams Sonoma on functional requirements
  • Liaise with Team Lead in Williams Sonoma to finalize on test requirements

Systems Engineer

Apr 2002 - Jun 2003
Telic Communications [Mandaluyong, Philippines]
  • Lead the implementation of VOIP applications using SOAP based communication between Telic and Client Banks.
  • Implemented a web-based Billing Portal for Telic's clients, as one of the Web Developer.
  • Prepare Technical Specifications Documents as a deliverable for ISO certification
  • Liaise with Sales Manager and Development Manager on functional requirements

Software Developer

Sep 2000 - Apr 2002
International Container Terminal Services Inc. [North Harbor, Manila, Philippines]
  • Lead Analyst to gather specifications and requirements from External Clients to use online Billing Payment applications.
  • Lead Developer to design and implement iBox (ICTSI's first online Billing Payment Gateway).
  • Prepare Technical Specifications Documents as a deliverable for ISO certification
  • Provide training to Customers of ICTSI

Web Developer

Aug 1999 - Aug 2000
Trust International [Riyadh, Saudi Arabia]


Jun 1997 - Apr 1999
De La Salle University Dasmarinas | Systems Technology Institute [Cavite, Philippines]


Austender OCDS
Rodel Talampas (Gruden / The Citadel Group)